Collective Bargaining

1975_collectiveOur attorneys have thousands of hours of experience at the bargaining table on behalf of unionized employers. We also support employers in bargaining even when we are not at the table. We have negotiated contracts involving teachers, police, firefighters, custodians, public works, administrators, department heads, clerical employees, and more.

We have bargained complex health insurance and other benefit changes, and we are familiar with the ins and outs of Municipal Health Insurance Reform and the Group Insurance Commission (“GIC”). In short we are familiar with virtually every wage, benefit or working condition that customarily appears in collective bargaining agreements, and some others that are not so customary.

We are skilled at drafting contract language that will have the results intended by our clients because we understand how language will be interpreted in the real world, and in the world of arbitration. We also understand how contract language might interact with state or federal law affecting the employment relationship.

We have experience with the impasse resolution processes applicable to public sector bargaining, whether it be the Joint Labor Management Committee for public safety, or the Department of Labor Relations for other groups. The firm provides the Management Side Commentary for the official Labor Relations Reporter published by Landlaw. In that capacity we review and analyze every Department of Labor Relations decision, prior to publication, to discern the impact it will have upon Massachusetts labor law.

In addition, we have experience representing employers in the following related areas:

  • Joint Labor Management Committee
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation