Employment Law

We counsel employers in all aspects of the employment relationship from hiring and promotion to severance and retirement. Our attorneys provide a full range of management-side employment services to help our clients comply with all applicable laws and regulations, manage workplace expectations and disputes, and meet the challenges of the modern workplace. These practice areas include:

We help clients protect their business interests by drafting employment contracts that set clear terms, retain the employer’s managerial rights (to the extent possible), and include user friendly termination clauses. Our attorneys help clients see past the present and plan for the future by understanding that not all employment relationships end on good terms. With this in mind, we help clients understand the long term implications of each employment contract and individual terms of the contract, so that they are able to make informed decisions.

Our attorneys are skilled at drafting contract language that will have the results intended by our clients because we understand how language will be interpreted in the real world, and in the world of employment litigation. We also understand how contract language might interact with state or federal laws affecting the employment relationship. As experts in the municipal labor and employment field, our attorneys have drafted countless Town Manager contracts, contracts for Police and Fire Chiefs, Superintendent contracts, and variety of private sector employment contracts.

Our attorneys regularly give advice and provide representation on matters related to compliance with state and federal laws, including employment discrimination, sexual harassment, Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. In addition, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed of changes in the law through monthly client advisors and periodic email blasts.


Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity
Client Advisor Articles: July, 2013, February, 2013

Internal investigations are key to understanding what has happened or what is happening in a workplace and evaluating employee complaints and concerns. Selecting the right investigator can be crucial. Our attorneys understand this and are available to conduct investigations or counsel employees tasked with conducting investigations in order to avoid potential compliance violations and help clients get to the bottom of what are often complex and emotionally charged situations. In addition, we are available to help clients evaluate evidence and make sound decisions.
Maintaining current and consistent policies is important for creating a positive and professional work environment and holding employees accountable for their actions within that environment. Our attorneys routinely assist clients with the drafting and implementation of new policies, as well as the review and revision of existing policies. In addition, we assist clients with the implementation of these policies and the importance of consistently enforcing workplace policies across multiple departments or locations.