The Commission recently issued a decision that may impact promotional list(s) and upcoming promotions if you have a promotion list resulting from the November 2017 Fire Lieutenant and Captain promotional examination. In Borjeson et al v. HRD, the Commission ordered HRD to include “acting” time in the scoring of Education and Experience (E/E) for all candidates who passed the November 2017 exam. A new online Experience Claim Application is available for candidates to submit evidence in support of a request for “acting” time. Candidates who do not submit a new experience claim will maintain their current score.

The following situations do not need to be rescored:
♦Current eligible lists containing only one employee.
♦Lists in departments that do not use “acting” time. Departments that do not use “acting” time may submit a letter to HRD signed by the Union and the Appointing Authority indicating that no member has served in an “acting” capacity and therefore their candidates do not need to be rescored. Upon receipt, HRD will release the department’s eligibility lists.

The Commission’s Final Decision provides that hiring may continue from the current lists until a new list is established incorporating the rescored E/E credit. HRD expects the new amended eligible list to be available January 1, 2019. Any promotions made prior to this date will not be affected by the Commission’s decision.