police-fireThe JLMC has issued new rules designed to promote negotiations and, where necessary, expedite arbitrations.  There will be greater scrutiny of petitions filed after minimal bargaining.  The committee may even decline jurisdiction.

The issues to be submitted are now due to the JLMC 5-days in advance of the 3A hearing, but the exchange of issues occurs only 24-hours before.  Arbitration hearings are to be scheduled and conducted within 90 days of arbitrator selection.  This means more preparation sooner in the pre-arbitration process, and potentially that the busiest arbitrators, even if selected, will not be able to serve.

The JLMC also promises to scrutinize issues to make sure only issues involving mandatory subjects of bargaining will be certified for arbitration.  Time will tell if these initiatives will make this lengthy process better.

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If you have questions regarding the new changes, please contact your attorney.